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Agents Getting The Most Out of The Marketing Value Program

November 13, 2019

Agents Getting The Most Out of The Marketing Value Program

The Marketing Value Program (MVP) store was created to provide CEA-trained agents with FREE marketing materials as well as some useful CEA promotional items to share with potential clients and insureds.

On average, agents just like you order over 62,000 FREE promotional items each month. We asked a couple of frequent MVP Store users what they like about the MVP store.

Regarding the use of postage paid direct mailers, “We are definitely getting calls from the [Direct Mail]; I don't know why all agents aren't using this program. It is easy and FREE.” -Farmers agent, Susan Endress

Farmers agent, Burke Myers offered, “It's one of the only marketing programs out there that's free and can help you not only sell CEA but all other lines as well.

Free Promotional Items

One way to make your clients feel appreciated is to give them a small, memorable gift. The MVP store has policy brochures, a great selection of items related to preparedness and safety, as well as some handy, useful items everyone can appreciate.

Some agents we visited keep the CEA brochures on hand for use in the office, as well as for site or client meetings. Others keep a supply of earthquake preparedness items to reinforce the importance of earthquake insurance.

By far, one of the store's most popular items is the CEA-branded Wet Wipes. People like useful things!

"My Insureds also enjoy all the items, grocery bags, wipes, etc. that are also in the store,” offered Farmers Agent, Susan Endress

Free Postage Paid Direct Mailers – Direct Mail Still Works!

How can free, postage-paid mailers ‘beef up’ your existing marketing efforts?

“I think by far the prepaid mailers are the best! Super simple to print up labels for all of our homeowner's that do not have a CEA policy, as well as clients that don't yet have a homeowners with us. The offer of earthquake insurance is a great way to cross sell to get their home insurance policy.” -Farmers agent, Burke Myers.

Direct mail remains an effective marketing technique, even in today’s digital marketplace. Recent studies highlighting the effectiveness of direct mail also indicate that direct mail:

  • Requires less cognitive effort for the consumer to engage with the material, 
  • Can have a greater response rate than email, and 
  • Can elicit a stronger emotional response from the recipient.  

With full color graphics to get the recipient’s attention, they arrive at your door with postage paid stamps and printed with your return address. Simply label with customer addresses and send to create a memorable connection with your target audience.

Farmers agent Susan Endress said, “My favorite item in the store would be the [direct mail]. I send them out as often as the MVP program allows me to do so. It sends awareness to the insured and sparks enough curiosity for the insured to call."

How Can I Access the MVP Store and Order?

It's easy to take advantage of all the MVP Store has to offer. You simply need to:

  • Have a valid California property and casualty insurance license,
  • Be appointed to write CEA earthquake policies with one of our participating insurers, and
  • Successfully complete a CEA in-person, self-directed online, or webinar training every two years.
  • Once you’ve successfully completed CEA policy training, you’ll have automatic access to the MVP. Just log in to the MVP site to begin taking advantage of your MVP benefits. It’s that easy!
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