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Time for Shopping—Getting the Most from the Agent Store

January 24, 2019

Time for Shopping—Getting the Most from the Agent Store

Your insureds are already interested in protecting what is often their most valuable asset: their homes. The brochures and promotional items in the agent store can help you explain to them why that protection should include a CEA policy.

If you’re a member of our Marketing Value Program (MVP), ordering business development tools from the agent store is as simple as buying from your favorite online retailer. And unlike other shopping sites, CEA’s agent resources are free! (If you aren’t part of our program yet, be sure to check out additional benefits and see how to join MVP.)

Direct Mail Made Easy

Our direct mail pieces are an effective, no-cost way for you to reach out to potential customers. Available in English, Chinese, and Spanish, these mailers are postage-paid and hassle-free. No licking and stamping—just tell us how many mailers you need (up to 500) and we’ll get them personalized with your return address. All you need to do is add your prospects’ mailing address labels. Featured mailers change throughout the year, so check back occasionally to be prepared for your next mail campaign.

Tools and Treats: Use the Fun Stuff to Break the Ice...

With everything from notebooks to earthquake putty, the agent store offers you multiple selling resources to prompt a conversation about the importance of earthquake insurance. And these insurance selling tools are fun for you too—who doesn’t need a multi-bit screwdriver?

As with the direct mail pieces, our stock of promotional items is rotated throughout the year. So if you see something you like, be sure to order right away.

...then Educate Potential Clients with One of Our Brochures

At CEA, we know that when it comes to earthquakes, different customers have different concerns. That’s why we’ve come up with four earthquake insurance brochures, each tailored to the specifics of different dwelling situations. Whether your client owns or rents, lives in a single-family home or a multi-unit residential building, we have a brochure to help them see the need for earthquake insurance.

Want to reach your clients by email too? All four of our policy brochures are easy to share electronically. To send a brochure, just go to the Homeowners, Mobilehome, Condominium, or Renters policy page, scroll past the “Coverage Options” box, and select the brochure. Download and save it as a PDF, and you’re set to go. It’s that simple.

It's All About Preparedness

Earthquakes are both unpredictable and inevitable. Help your clients protect one of their greatest investments from this unavoidable risk: visit the agent store for the insurance resources you need to help them find the policy that’s right for them.

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