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CEA Brace + Bolt Letters to Policyholders

CEA is sending letters* to over 14,000 CEA policyholders inviting them to participate in our CEA Brace + Bolt program (CEA BB). The CEA BB offers CEA policyholders in select ZIP Codes a $3,000 grant to assist with paying for a seismic retrofit of their home.

This program is available only to qualified CEA policyholders. Our goal is to help them reduce their risk of earthquake damage on their insured homes by bracing and bolting their house to their foundation. And, once they have completed a seismic retrofit, they can lower their CEA premium by as much as 25 percent!

Continue to be the agent your policyholders trust by becoming an expert on CEA BB and encouraging them to participate in this valuable program.

To learn more, view the CEA BB invitation letter being sent to CEA policyholders and informative flyer:
CEA Brace + Bolt Letter to Policyholders 2019  (PDF)
CEA Brace + Bolt Information (PDF)

You can also get more information on CEA BB by viewing eligibility requirements. And, take our "CEA Brace + Bolt Overview" self-directed online training, which was created exclusively for agents like you!

*The first set of policyholders to receive letters in February will be those that have renewal dates in July, August or September of 2019. Estimated delivery of letters for the next group (renewals in October, November or December of 2019) will be in April. The third group (renewals in January, February or March of 2020) will be in June 2019 and the final group (renewals in April, May or June 2020) will be in August 2019.

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