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What is the Marketing Value Program (MVP)

The Marketing Value Program (MVP) was created exclusively for California Earthquake Authority (CEA)-trained agents to help market CEA policies to potential earthquake policy customers. 

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As an MVP member, you have access to:

  • Free personalized, postage-paid direct mail available in English, Chinese, and Spanish
  • Earthquake information and resources to help you explain risk to your customers
  • Free promotional items for your customers, like preparedness checklists and flashlights
  • Training Videos

To become an MVP member, you need to:

Once you’ve successfully completed CEA training, you’ll have automatic access to MVP. Just log in to the MVP site to begin taking advantage of your MVP benefits. It’s that easy!

Marketing Value Program FAQs

We've gathered some frequently asked questions from agents to help you understand more about our Marketing Value Program (MVP), designed specifically for CEA-trained agents.
Q. What is MVP?
A. Created exclusively for CEA-trained agents, the Marketing Value Program (MVP) helps you market your services to your potential earthquake policy customers:  
  • Free sales tips and tools
  • Free postage-paid direct mail pieces to send to customers
  • Free promotional items, like go-bags, and other CEA-related items to give to your customers
Q. How can I participate in the MVP?
A. To become a MVP member, you need to:  

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