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How to Issue a CEA Policy 

In order to issue a CEA earthquake insurance policy, you’ll need to:

  • Have a valid California Property and Casualty, or Personal Lines, license and
  • Be appointed to write CEA earthquake policies with one of our participating insurers (PIs).
If you are an agent or producer who works with one of our participating insurers, you are eligible to sell CEA earthquake policies.


Make sure your customer has a residential property policy

CEA does not offer a stand-alone earthquake policy, so first be sure your customer has their homeowners policy, mobilehome or manufactured home policy, condo unit policy, or renters policy insured with a CEA PI. CEA policies cannot be bound or issued by CEA or on our website.

Remember, your policyholder's CEA and residential policies must be with the same participating insurance company.

The CEA PI will assist you with any questions you may have related to issuing a CEA earthquake policy.

Help your customers make a great CEA policy choice

Use the CEA Premium Calculator to show your customers the wide range of available coverage and deductible choices. This is also a good time to help them with any payment or billing questions they may have, since each participating insurer chooses the options available to their customers.

And remember, if you haven’t already taken the free CEA agent training, get signed up today and learn everything you need to know about selling CEA earthquake insurance policies.

Please follow your participating insurer's guidelines regarding the CEA policy options you may offer. You may find it helpful to refer to CEA's updated Procedure and Accounting Manual (PAM) for more information.