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4 Reasons Why Retrofitting is Great for Your Clients

Seismically retrofitting a house results in many great perks. Here are four reasons why retrofitting is great for your clients:

1. It can reduce your client’s premium

CEA is required by law to collect enough premium to pay its anticipated claims. Since older houses are more vulnerable to earthquake damage than newer ones, they have higher earthquake insurance rates than newer houses.

Properly retrofitting their house may make your clients eligible for a larger Hazard Reduction Discount.

2. They can reduce the likelihood of earthquake damage

​Have you chatted with your clients about reinforcing their crawl spaces? Is their water heater secured to the building’s frame?

These are a few important questions to ask your client to help them reduce their likelihood of damage. Retrofitting can help your clients protect their most valuable investment and their families.

3. They can get cool financial incentives

Earthquake Brace + Bolt (EBB) was developed by CEA and CalOES to provide financial assistance to help homeowners in high-risk areas lessen the potential for damage to their houses during an earthquake. Owners of houses that meet the program criteria and are in qualified ZIP codes are eligible for up to $3,000 to help pay costs associated with the retrofit of their houses. Registration opens up throughout the year. So, make sure to sign up for notifications​ to learn when the program is open so your clients get registered when the program re-opens!

4. They can protect their valuable personal property

We all have a lot of personal property, much of which is irreplaceable. Having a properly retrofitted house is one way to lessen the likelihood of damage and loss of our valuable possessions. Many people often think that earthquake insurance is aimed at just protecting the house, but it can also protect the personal property inside.​