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5 Ways to Squash Earthquake Insurance Into Your Thanksgiving Conversations

5 Ways to Squash Earthquake Insurance Into Your Thanksgiving Conversations

A Cornucopia Of Earthquake Insurance Conversation Starters

For many, Thanksgiving is a time to be around family, friends, and loved ones. And if they aren’t already covered by a CEA earthquake insurance policy then this could be your opportunity to talk to them about the risks of not having coverage.

Here are five fun Thanksgiving “starters” you can use to get the earthquake insurance conversation going:

  1. Before the meal, settle in with the others to enjoy a Thanksgiving Day parade on TV. As the colorful balloons pass by, discuss how “deflated” homeowners will feel when they discover their homeowner’s policy doesn’t cover earthquake damage.
  2. Later, as the baked squash makes its way around the table, suggest that a homeowner’s financial future could very well be “squashed” if they don’t have earthquake insurance to cover damages to their home. Be sure to ask for extra squash to stress your point.
  3. When the pumpkin pie arrives, be sure to point to a crack in the crust. Tell everyone it reminds you of an earthquake fault. Then tell them that most Californians live within 30 miles of an active fault and that getting a CEA earthquake policy would be a great idea.
  4. When the football game begins and a player is hit particularly hard, jump out of your seat and announce that a hard football hit is like a home getting hit by an earthquake, and without the “pads and protective gear” of a CEA policy, a homeowner’s wallet could just as easily be sacked.
  5. Finally, as the leftovers are being handed out, point to the stuffing and declare that a Californian is asking to have the stuffing knocked out of their bank account if their home gets damaged by an earthquake and they don’t have earthquake insurance.

Of course, we offer these Thanksgiving conversation starters in the spirit of fun, but as we all know, being caught without earthquake insurance when a damaging earthquake strikes is no laughing matter.

This Thanksgiving holiday, be sure to share the benefits of a CEA earthquake policy with all your California family, friends and loved ones.

Because if they’re covered the next time an earthquake strikes, they’ll have much to be thankful for, all because of you.

Happy Thanksgiving!