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CEA Policies Are Earthquake Strong, Earthquake Ready

CEA Policies Are Earthquake Strong, Earthquake Ready

Their Risk... Your Responsibility

As an insurance agent, your responsibility is to help your policyholders select the proper coverages for their needs. That means giving them frank, accurate – and yes, frequent – advice about earthquake insurance.

And a great way to prepare for that conversation is to complete CEA’s free agent training program, available to all California-licensed agents. Then, make the time to let your policyholders know a CEA policy can help:

  • Repair and rebuild structural damage: CEA can help with some costs to repair covered structural damage such as the foundation, walls and roof, as well as building code upgrades, land stabilization, chimneys and an additional endorsement for masonry veneers.
  • Replace personal property: CEA can help with costs to replace covered personal property such as TVs, furniture and musical instruments, as well as an additional endorsement for breakables including glassware, crystal and china.
  • Cover loss of use: If you can’t live in your home because of earthquake damage, CEA coverage can help pay to live elsewhere, and there is never a deductible for that “loss of use” coverage.
  • Cover emergency repairs: For homeowners, the first $1,500 of CEA’s emergency repairs coverage has no deductible.
  • Cover damage to interior structural fixtures and condo loss assessments: CEA can help with costs to repair covered earthquake damage to condo unit interior structural fixtures such as cabinets, built-in appliances, and some heating and plumbing equipment, as well as help cover HOA assessments for covered earthquake damage.

For a full description of CEA coverages, exclusions, deductibles, limits, sublimits, and conditions, see our policy samples.

And when your policyholders buy a CEA policy from you, you can rest easy knowing that policy is backed by the strength of California Earthquake Authority.

CEA Has Your Policyholders — and You — Covered

As the largest provider of residential earthquake insurance in the U.S., CEA stands behind its policies with the confidence that comes from over 20 years of providing quality earthquake insurance to California residents.

Today, we write 76% of all residential earthquake policies sold in California with annual premium revenue of more than $630 million. With a rating of A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company and over $19 billion in claim-paying capacity, your policyholders can rest assured that CEA will be there when they need us most.

In the end, your policyholders have to decide how to best protect their family, home and property. With your help, they can make an earthquake insurance policy part of their earthquake preparation planning – backed by the strength of CEA.

No one knows when the next damaging earthquake will hit California. But with your help, your policyholders can have the peace of mind knowing CEA has their back.