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Home Sweet Home

Whenever you write a CEA earthquake insurance policy, you’re not just insuring an apartment or a condo unit or a mobilehome or a house… you’re insuring a home. And a home means so much more to people than just a place to hang their hat.

Home is a place of personal identity, a place where people make individual choices like the paint color on the walls, the pictures hanging in the bedrooms, the furniture in the family room, and the music echoing in the living room.

Just as important, home is where people create and hold onto memories.

Family gatherings, favorite friends stopping by, children being born, growing up, moving on, favorite pets… enough memories to fill a lifetime of photo albums.

Which might explain why whenever you see pictures of homes destroyed in a natural disaster – including earthquakes – you’ll find people not just shedding tears over the loss of their home, but everything that home meant to them.

That’s why helping your customers choose the right CEA earthquake policy is so crucial. You’re not just helping them cover their financial losses in the event of a damaging earthquake. You’re helping them protect and recover some of the many things the idea of ‘home’ represents to them.

So when an earthquake comes along, they’ll know they have coverage, thanks to you. And, when they have to make a claim, they’ll have you to thank for not just helping them rebuild or repair their house, but their home.

If you haven’t already done so, check out the CEA Premium Calculator and then let your customers see for themselves just how affordable the right CEA earthquake insurance policy can be. A policy that can go a long way in helping take care of ‘Home Sweet Home.’