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Technology and the Art of Earthquake Preparedness

Technology and the Art of Earthquake Preparedness

Using the Best Science for Earthquake Preparedness

Every time you switch on a light, fire up a computer, or fill your mug from a coffee machine, you’re using technology.

Technology provides us with many modern conveniences, but it’s also responsible for crucial advances in the ways Californians prepare themselves and their homes for earthquakes.

And that was the subject of this year’s CEA Research Forum titled: “Innovation in Earthquake Assessment: How Technology is Changing the Industry.”

CEA’s Research Forum 2018

On February 22 and 23, CEA hosted its second annual Research Forum in Sacramento, featuring research, government and industry leaders from California and across the country discussing technology’s role in:

  • Assessing the expected performance of houses during an earthquake
  • Measuring ground motion and building performance
  • Developing resources and tools to help improve structural deficiencies in houses
  • Characterizing damage after an earthquake
  • Creating immersive and interactive tools that can help educate people about earthquakes and drive them to take action

Each panel discussion was designed with one goal in mind: to discover the best ways to apply technology in helping Californians prepare for the damaging effects of earthquakes.

“When earthquakes strike, the damage they may cause can be expensive to repair,” said CEA CEO Glenn Pomeroy at the event. “Research and technology play pivotal roles for us when working to help Californians reduce their risk for earthquake loss through education, mitigation and insurance.”

Some of the Tech Tools in the Toolbox

Throughout the two-day event, forum panelists shared information about some of the helpful tools available and their application:

  • CEA’s new app called QuakeGrade® aids home inspection specialists in evaluating how a house might perform during an earthquake. This technology can assist your policyholders in making wise home-buying decisions.
  • CalOES MyHazards tool helps policyholders discover the natural hazards that exist in their area (including earthquakes) and provides information on risk reduction.
  • MyShake is an Android app that your policyholders can download for free. By collecting data from individual smartphones, MyShake can help improve earthquake early warning, with the potential to save countless lives.

These and many other tools -- including the CEA website and premium calculator – are all designed to help Californians reduce the damage and risks associated with earthquakes.

Be sure to dip into the toolbox and give your policyholders a helping hand today.