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CEA in Your Community—Meet Our Liaisons

CEA in Your Community—Meet Our Liaisons

Mark Toohey and Lynda Foster, CEA Agent and Community Liaisons

The risk is real.

It’s not a matter of if, but when.

You can’t predict an earthquake, but you can prepare for one.

As an agent, you’ve probably told your insureds some variation of the above messages when explaining why and how to buy earthquake insurance in California. Now CEA is doing even more to ensure that California residents hear these messages outside your office as well.

Liaisons Who Understand Your Work

In 2017, CEA set out to increase awareness of earthquake risk and mitigation options in California. As part of this effort, we’ve stepped up our public outreach, hiring two Agent and Community Liaisons. As the title implies, these liaisons have two important responsibilities: to support agents in their education efforts, and to reach out to the general public about earthquake preparedness.

Both our liaisons have a deep understanding of the complex work of a California earthquake insurance agent. Mark Toohey, who is based in Southern California, joined CEA in January 2018 after retiring from a distinguished 25-year career with Farmers Insurance. Our Northern California liaison, Lynda Foster, worked many years for State Farm in a variety of roles, including claims and training, before coming to CEA in early 2019.

108 Events in 82 Cities

While Mark and Lynda are highly involved in CEA’s earthquake education efforts, they don’t work alone. CEA’s public outreach is bolstered by the work of many other CEA team members, including CEA leaders and members of several CEA departments.

Working as a team, CEA participated in 108 events in 82 cities last year. They gave 90 presentations to civic groups, including Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs; Chambers of Commerce; real estate, homeowner and renter associations; and city and neighborhood councils.

CEA also participated in 28 earthquake preparedness fairs. These fairs were hosted by a variety of public and private entities, including lawmakers, government agencies, private companies, and neighborhood associations.

Support for Agents

In addition to their many public outreach efforts, Mark and Lynda also strive to be a resource for agents. As experts in CEA policies, they are a valuable source of information about affordable earthquake insurance in California.

Would you like tips for explaining earthquake insurance estimates to your clients? Do you want more information about CEA’s agent tools and resources? Mark and Lynda are happy to meet with your agency’s staff to explain all that CEA has to offer. Both liaisons are also available to speak to civic groups in your community about the need to plan for earthquakes.

Contact us today to request a visit from Mark or Lynda!