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Marilyn Sparks is a Southern California insurance agent, who wears a lot of hats

Marilyn Sparks is a Southern California insurance agent, who wears a lot of hats

In addition to her day job running a successful insurance agency based in San Dimas near Los Angeles, Sparks has been active in Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, her local school district, chambers of commerce, the American Legion Auxiliary and an organization called the Vet Hunters Project, a non-profit committed to
identifying and assisting homeless military veterans.

Recently, Sparks was handed another hat that she is proudly wearing across a 2,800-square-mile area of Los Angeles County. Sparks was recently appointed Insurance Commissioner of District 5, a District that includes 2,800 square miles, 22 cities and 87 unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County. Sparks’ new gig is a prestigious appointment by Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger.

“It’s truly an honor to be appointed to this position. It’s a big responsibility and one that I am taking very seriously,” said Sparks, who worked in banking and financial services before she started her own insurance agency representing CEA participating residential insurer, Farmers, about four years ago.

“My main responsibility as District 5 Insurance Commissioner is to better educate Los Angeles County residents about proper risk management and the products that are available, both commercially and through government agencies, to protect their families and their property,” Sparks explained.

Among those insurance products that Sparks will be educating consumers about is earthquake insurance.

“I am a passionate advocate when it comes to the importance of earthquake insurance,” said Sparks. “As insurance professionals, we have an obligation to strongly encourage our customers and prospective customers to purchase CEA policies.”

Sparks weighs-in on The Value of Condo coverage

Sparks has become particularly adept at explaining the importance of earthquake insurance to condo-unit owners.

“Condo owners should have earthquake insurance whether or not their Homeowners Association (HOA) has its own commercial master policy,” said Sparks. “The Loss of Use and Loss Assessment coverages in the CEA condo unit policies are must have.”

Sparks also is a big fan of CEA because of our agent support—most notably CEA’s Marketing Value Program (MVP).

CEA Policies Bind Customers with Their Agent

Another benefit to selling CEA is that the coverage our policies provide help bind a customer with their insurance agent for the long-term.

“But, most importantly, offering and encouraging customers to add CEA coverage is the right thing to do,” explained Sparks. “When a major earthquake occurs and causes significant property damage, the bank that has your mortgage will still want to be paid.”

For more information on how to position and explain CEA coverage to your insureds, please visit the Agent Portal Sales Tools or sign up for a CEA Policy Coverage course today.