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How to Speak Earthquake Insurance

September is back-to-school month and presents an opportunity for higher education. Whether you're a new or seasoned agent, there's always room for improvement and a chance to better hone your skills with CEA training.

Best of all, our data shows that trained agents consistently sell more policies.

Here are four tips to keeping yourself and your clients educated:

Know the benefits of getting CEA trained

Earthquake insurance in California is unique, and staying up-to-date on what CEA has to offer is the best way to ensure you're presenting CEA products accurately to clients. ​When you complete a free CEA instructor-led in-person webinar or self-directed online training, you are eligible to receive two FREE continuing education credits and:

  • Get an in-depth review of our policies.
  • Get access to the latest handouts, job aids and training materials.

Take a look at FREE CEA agent training opportunities.

Understand your homeowners and their options

Use back-to-school month as a time to reach out to your clients and understand their needs.

  • Make sure your clients understand the differences between Homeowners and Homeowners Choice – Help your clients understand these two policy options and how each one could best complement their needs.
  • Hazard Reduction Discount (HRD) – Take care to discuss the increased safety that results from seismically retrofitting, and how it may benefit your clients by decreasing their premium cost.

Get to know your renters and their options

Even young adults going off to college or venturing out on their own for the first time could lose everything when the next damaging earthquake strikes. For college-level students or for recent grads who may be venturing into their own rentals for the first time, make sure to review the CEA Renters policy with them so they understand the value and benefits of earthquake insurance for their personal property and additional living expenses needs.

All of your clients need to know this

And for all your clients, make sure they know about their:

  • Deductible options ranging from 5%-25%
  • Expanded coverage limits and endorsements
  • Loss of Use coverage
  • Emergency repairs coverage
  • Preparedness resources

Fall is a season of change and opportunity. Now is your opportunity to make sure your clients know all about insurance options.