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Preparedness Auction Raises $176K for Red Cross Disaster Relief

Preparedness Auction Raises $176K for Red Cross Disaster Relief

Another Successful Auction

As you already know, CEA’s seventh annual Get Prepared, California! Auction ran during the month of April. The auction, which allowed participants to bid on once-in-a-lifetime music, sports, and adventure activities, is designed to bring awareness to Californians about the need for disaster preparedness.

The auction:

  • Combined the American Red Cross' disaster preparedness know-how with CEA's residential earthquake insurance and seismic retrofitting expertise,
  • Was promoted statewide on 58 iHeartMedia radio stations, and
  • Raised $175,978 this year, resulting in a life-time total of approximately $1,230,000 for disaster-preparedness and relief efforts in California.

The auction proceeds were presented on stage during iHeartMedia’s KIIS FM Wango Tango by AT&T concert in Los Angeles on Saturday, June 2.

Jarret Barrios, CEO of the Red Cross Los Angeles Region, noted that the funds “will go a long way in providing valuable resources and support disasters throughout California.”

What You Can Do

The auction proceeds are enough to allow the Red Cross to:

  • Distribute 200,000 blankets at emergency shelters,
  • 100,000 hot meals in communities, or
  • 400,000 “comfort kits” that provide toiletries and personal items people may need after a disaster.

But disaster preparedness and relief isn’t just for organizations. You, too, can help your policyholders on a daily basis be prepared to survive and recover from the next damaging earthquake:

  • Use the premium calculator for agents to help your policyholders—use the slider options to compare and send different policy deductibles and limits, ensuring you get them the coverage that meets their needs and budget.
  • Read up on personal preparedness tips and preparedness resources so you are equipped to educate your policyholders on safety measures they can take, or practice, now.
  • Learn about structural risks and geologic hazards for houses in California, giving you a leg up on being able to advise your policyholders on how to make their houses safer.
  • Know the ins and outs of our premium discount, which offers up to a 20% discount to homeowners and a 23% discount to mobilehome owners who have seismically retrofitted their homes against earthquake damage.
  • Reach out to current CEA policyholders to ensure they still have the best policy for their way of life.
  • Sign up for our Marketing Value Program (MVP) to get access to direct mail to send to prospective CEA policyholders in English, Chinese, and Spanish—and to get Earthquake Preparedness Starter Kits to send to your new CEA policyholders!

The auction was a big hit, but it was only a one-time event. Use your position as a trusted advisor to reach out to your contacts regularly to make sure more people in our great state are financially prepared for, and able to recover from, the next big one.

Working together, we can help more Californians be prepared for the next damaging earthquake.