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Welcome to CEA’s New Agent Portal – $25 Gift Card Coming Soon

Welcome to CEA’s New Agent Portal – $25 Gift Card Coming Soon

CEA’s New Agent Portal Has Launched

On October 25th, CEA launched our new Agent Portal—a dedicated website for our participating insurers’ agents. We’ve taken all of the agent-related material from our CEA website and relocated it to the new Agent Portal, and added new features and tools, so you can find everything in one convenient place.

At Portal.EarthquakeAuthority.com, you’ll access helpful content like:

  • Short training videos
  • Agent FAQs
  • Policy information
  • Agent discussion board (for agents to post questions to CEA’s agent trainers)
  • Sales tips
  • Agent Blog
  • Policy premium calculator

And after creating an Agent Profile, you will get access to special Portal features, including:

  • Policy training registration and the ability to request private training,
  • Ability to order printed CEA policy brochures or download PDF versions, and
  • Access to our Marketing Value Program (MVP), where trained agents can order free sales materials like postage-paid direct mail and promotional items.

This mobile-friendly Agent Portal has all the features and information agents need in order to be successful selling the CEA earthquake insurance policy.

Your Chance to Redeem a $25 Gift Card

Also, be on the lookout for a mid-November mailing from CEA about the new Agent Portal and a chance to redeem a $25 Amazon gift card!

The colorful CEA mail envelope will contain a letter with your unique gift code. Once you enter your unique gift code and create or update your agent profile, you will then have immediate access to all of the features of our new Agent Portal, and a $25 Amazon gift card will be on its way. Note that only licensed agents are eligible to receive a gift card.

The colorful CEA package will also contain information about the free resources and training that CEA offers, answers to common agent questions, an overview of the MVP, and a reminder about how to order your free personalized, postage-paid direct mail available in English, Chinese, and Spanish. Access MVP through the new portal, and order free direct mail to send to your CEA policyholder prospects and renewals.

We hope you take advantage of the $25 Amazon gift card as well as the new portal that’s been designed for you, and we look forward to working with you in helping more Californians get earthquake prepared!